Our Philosophy

I dreamed of a hidden place. I dreamed it was Green.

The water was running calm and slow.

In the distance, I could hear the city moving in chaotically.

I was happily smiling left to my dream.

A green haven away from the hectic pace

VersoVerde was born in an area of ​​the Naviglio Grande where the city of Milan meets the countryside. An ideal place for walks, for running, for rowing and for sports in general.

Between modernity and nature we wanted to create a space where it was possible to stop and get away from the typical frenzy of the most productive city in Italy, to rediscover the value of relaxation and health.

A green haven where you can find the flavors of traditional products carefully selected by our staff and revisited in order to offer you a new culinary experience.

At VersoVerde you will also be able to work, but in a “lounge office” where you can combine it with relaxation and comfort.

With the “bike VersoVerde” you can go towards the city center or reach the countryside. Verso Verde is all this: an oasis of relaxation, health, a familiar and convivial place where you will be pampered, tasting only the best.

We respect the environment rediscovering the sense of the seasonal consumption.

Testimonial Arch. Paolo Colombo
Arch. Paolo Colombo
CEO at Verso Verde

Rediscover the seasonal nature of the products

VersoVerde’s choice is to offer only products of the highest quality and at “KM Italy”. A deliberate choice, ecological and moral, which in addition to supporting the “made in Italy” and the excellences of our territory, is also a healthy choice. The locally sourced foods are fresher and purchasing directly from the producer allows us to reduce the emissions of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

A necessary choice for Verso Verde in terms of environmental sustainability.

Our goal is to promote the wonderful offer of flavors and drinks of our peninsula, offering the best products PDO, DOC, DOCG, which our regions can offer. All this in harmony with our philosophy based on ecological, organic and / or vegan products, in which health is the driving force.

Our raw material at Km Italy

We wanted to call in this way our selection of products (fruit, vegetables, wines, beers, etc …) in order to emphasize the typical Italian excellence: in addition to supporting our territory, this is also an ecological and thoughtful choice.

When was the last time you ate a strawberry with the real flavor of a strawberry? A natural product, not industrially grown, lets you rediscover the true flavors of the raw material.

All this is also possible by respecting the natural seasonal nature of the products, going against the rhythms imposed by the modern consumer society, which has often led us, as individuals and as a society, to make bad choices in terms of food.

Verso the Vegan choice

Facing a vegan path, choosing not to eat animals and animal products at the table is not just an ideology. In addition to our clients and their health, other living beings, the environment and the ecosystems that will be preserved from the disappearance of animals will also benefit.

A choice that Verso Verde wants to firmly respect, offering its clients, in addition to ecological and organic paths, also a large part of its menu dedicated to those who choose to be vegan.


An old transport route to be rediscovered.

The Navigli are one of the distinctive signs of the city of Milan. They are an ancient way of communication that for centuries connected the Lombard capital with Lake Como, Lake Maggiore, Ticino and then with Switzerland and the rest of Europe.

The Naviglio Grande is the first of the canals that make up the Milanese Navigli Canal System, the oldest and most important. Its origins,
Its origins lie around 1177 with the expansion of a moat, later named Ticinello; in 1209 it gets to Milan.

Subsequent interventions increase its scope and in 1272 the canal becomes navigable: a Naviglio. Born in Ticino, in Tornavento, a town in the municipality of Lonate Pozzolo (VA), 23 km south of Sesto Calende and proceeds in a south-easterly direction to Castelletto, near Abbiategrasso, where it bends towards Milan, leaving to its right the Naviglio di Bereguardo. It has a length of 49.9 km, a maximum depth of 3.80 m and is devoid of basins, it was built thanks to the simple slope of the ground. It ends in Darsena in Milan.

The first and largest canal in Europe connected the city with Lake Maggiore and Switzerland and was essential to transport everything that could be used to improve the quality of life of the Milanese, to whom it brought coal, wines, meat, fish, wood and even the marble used for the construction of the Duomo. Cascina San Cristoforo, where Verso Verde is based, is an ancient historical nucleus that in the past served as a shelter for horses that transported these materials from the Naviglio Grande to the Duomo.

The Navigli today: entertainment, relaxation, sport

Today the Naviglio Grande area is best known for being a meeting point with its many clubs and restaurants. In the area of ​​Cascina San Cristoforo the city begins to sublimate in the colors and tranquility of the countryside. It is a place of relaxation and above all sports: rowing, cycling, jogging and walking.