Our GreenThis is the welcoming color

All our food was first selected by our staff, following strict quality and sustainability standards. We formed a very close team that firmly believes in the respect of the environment, nature and health.

We accompany our client towards recreational and culinary paths with ecological, biological products and for those who took this life choice, vegan products.

Our staff will welcome you in our rooms on the Naviglio Grande and will give you advice on the purchase of our products, in order to allow you to taste them at home and in your office as well.

Thanks to our takeaway service, you will be able to order our products directly online or by phone, and then easily receive them in the whole city of Milan.

MeetOur Staff



About the food, I like the flavor, the color, its aroma, the possibility to combine sweet, sour, salty, the infinite possibility to create dishes and ideas always new.
This interest allowed me, during all these years, to meet different people, to live always stimulating realities that enriched my life until I met Verso Verde, which is my idea of catering in two simple words... and not only.



I have always loved all the colors and perfumes of the world. The food could only be a part of it: I’ve been vegan for 6 six years now, because of a health-connected choice, I experimented on myself different nutrition approaches in order to improve my psychophysical well-being, a trip that brought me to love natural food which became my work, until I embraced the Verso Verde project.



I like challenges. It encourages me to get in the game in this culinary adventure. I’m embracing a new gastronomic project, open to discover new trends to enlarge the frontiers of flavors and deepen the knowledge in the world of catering. We stimulate the palate and the mind towards new flavors. We respect the products to surprise the senses.



Giulia, 37 years old, I love animals, nature, good and light food.
My favorite dish? Colored and crispy salads!
I like to do what makes me feel good, as yoga or pilates.
With my husband and my child, I take care of our fruit and vegetable garden and I prepare my own juice as a snack.
VersoVerde means living in the respect of our own body and our own mind.



Hi, I’m Erika, I’m 43 years old, I love to read and I love the mountain, I do sport as soon as I can and also long walks with my family and my friends.
I choose the organic food because I think that big changes start from small daily gestures and our everyday’s choices can make the difference.
Even a simple gesture as shopping can be good for us and for the Earth on which we live.



I’m Enrica and I live in the country in the heart of Brianza.
I love green and open air life. I actively take part in many beneficial actions and the environmental protection is a very important theme to me as well.
I choose organic food as a sustainable lifestyle, based on the awareness of the daily choices.



The characteristics that distinguish me are the solarity and the smile!
This work allows me day by day to demonstrate these qualities and to make it my strong point.
VersoVerde is the research of a sensorial experience aimed at reaching an ethical lifestyle apart from nutrition.