Dinner at VersoVerde

A romantic dinner, a wonderful event, an exclusive party on the Naviglio Grande

In the evening, near the Naviglio Grande, Milano’s lights provide the setting for a more relaxing and natural atmosphere. Here, just a few steps from the city and the clubs that have made its history, VersoVerde proposes a different way to experience Milano’s nights. Here you can discover the pleasure of dining on the banks of the Naviglio Grande, surrounded by a refined and yet familiar environment.

We wanted to create a place that would be the right setting for unforgettable evenings, where the water of the Naviglio would be the perfect background to a relaxing dinner. At Versoverde the location is the mirror of a green philosophy that you can see in every detail, starting from our gourmet food.

For this reason our dinners are an extraordinary mix of elegance and tradition, in which the seasonality of the ingredients and their freshness represent the heart of every creation. At VersoVerde there is no set menu but only the creativity of our chef, guided from time to time by the careful selection of fresh avaliable products.

That’s why our research wants to give you a multisensiorial experience that does not end with taste, but combines the rhythm of live music that often brightens our evenings with the colors offered by the Naviglio Grande. Whether it’s a romantic dinner, a birthday or a corporate dinner, at VersoVerde you can organise an evening that combines the flavour of our gourmet dishes with an unforgettable location.

For a new concept of food and eco-sustainability, for an oasis of peace, for an informal and welcoming atmosphere, we look forward to seeing you in Milan on the Naviglio Grande.

Your event

Make your corporate dinner tasty and unique, your birthday fun and refined, your ceremony elegant and wonderful. Who said that a healthy dish can not be exceptionally tasty and a fancy dinner not out of the box?